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Search engine optimisation and backlinking is one of the most effective ways to rank your website high on search engines and get loads of traffic to your site. But it may cost you a lot of money, especially if you need to engage an SEO specialist on websites like or buy high quality backlinks.

An alternative and less costly way of building backlinks and generating traffic is through forum marketing. Forum marketing basically involves posting useful tips and information on forum threads to benefit other similar people who are interested in your niche. These forum users can then click on links at the end of the post which will lead them to your site. In this way, you not only build suitable backlinks, you get to bring traffic to your site as well. In this article, we will impart tips on forum marketing that you can observe when doing forum marketing.

Do Not Troll a Forum

The first of the tips on forum marketing that you should definitely observe, is not to troll a forum. Netizens in general despise trolls and forum users are no exception. As such, be honest about who you are and what you do. Some basic ways to do so can include the following:

  • Use your real name when you register so as to brand yourself and get people to recognise you as an expert easier.
  • Fill up your profile with as much detail as possible.
  • Include a decent picture of yourself to boost credibility (if the forum allows it).

Be Humble & Helpful

The second of the tips on forum marketing is to be humble and helpful. When you are new to a forum, do not jump straight into posting on threads. Instead, carefully examine the content of the forum – threads, posts and topics of discussion. Once you are comfortable with questions or topics of threads, you can start posting answers in a humble, generous and genuine manner. After some time, when you have built your credibility, you can start new threads (eye catching ones) of your own.

In addition, avoid flaming (attacking, insulting) other forum members even if they do it to you, to avoid being banned. If you are not happy with the way other forum users treat you, report it privately to the moderators (people who govern the forums) of the forum.

Avoid Appearing Like a Salesman

Do not simply post advertisements or promotions for your or your merchant’s website/product unless there is a specific section/thread on the forum for you to do so, because this is considered rude and will usually be removed by moderators. In worst case scenarios, doing so excessively may even get you banned from the forum. Occasionally post links to websites, videos, blog posts or resources that can be useful for other members of the forums, and include a disclaimer that says, “Not my affiliate link. Just wanted to share…”.

Appear Like an Expert Instead

Answer posts you can offer great value to; be picky and choose only posts/threads you can really give good answers/value to. If some posts/threads appear weird or ambiguous to you, do not hesitate to ask questions to the person who posted it so as to verify clearly what it’s about. When you are crystal clear about it, then answer the thread/post. However, avoid posts you are not comfortable with at all costs. This to prevent you from looking unintelligent and losing credibility.

Proofread your Post Before Posting

After you have written your forum post, ensure that you preview it first before publishing it to the forum. Read the post carefully to look for grammar mistakes such as tenses, sentence structure or even wrong use of words. In addition, conduct a spelling check before posting. Most forums will have these functions, so do not hesitate to use them.

The above are just some useful tips on forum marketing that you may wish to consider when embarking on forum marketing. While forum marketing can be a great source of traffic for your website, you do need to ensure that it is done right to avoid trouble with other forum users and worst still, the moderators (who may ban you).

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